Trebs 330902 Pizza Oven

Review of the Trebs 330902 pizza oven

The Trebs 330902 pizza oven
The Trebs 330902 pizza oven

The trebs 330902 pizza oven gives that authentic look and feel of making an original, Italian stone baked pizza.
The trebs 330902 pizza oven looks a little like a traditional outside pizza oven. With its Brick effect terracotta dome, but with the help of modern technology (OK, it’s electric). you get to cook authentic pizzas quickly and efficiently.

Great for family’s or parties, you can bake up to 4 mini pizzas or one big pizza. Simply make your bases or shop buy, get all the ingredients together (remember, no pineapple.why would you do that.) and let people pick and choose their own mini master piece.

The oven works via a raised heating element that gets covered by the terracotta dome. this reaches a set temperature after around preheating of 10 minutes.The terracotta dome acts by keeping the heat inside and also absorbing any moisture that is released form the dough.This creates perfect crispy bases every time.

How to use
Place the Trebs 330902 pizza oven on a flat surface or work top. It is important that you cook in a well ventilated area, due to the openings at the side and the high possibility of food waste falling on the oven,smoke may arise, this is natural.

Plug the oven in and the red indicator light will come on. let the oven warm up for around ten minutes.
using the provided spatula provided place your pizza on to this (you may want to place a little oil on to the spatula to prevent the dough from sticking), adding toppings etc then take the spatula and place through one of the 4 openings around the side, making sure to leave the pizza on the spatula for easy removal.

Leave for around 5-7 minutes and then remove with the spatula. careful as the spatula has been in the oven for a while it will be extremely hot, so use the protective handle on the spatula.. Take off your pizza and place the spatula on heat resistant surface.
You may use shop bought pizza or bases and you can also use freshly made dough.To use fresh dough there is a template cutter provided so as to match the exact size of the spatula.very handy!

So just pizza’s?
No, you can also bake Naan bread by placing on the dome of the oven when it is on.
It is said that you can also bake cookies in this oven, although there is no guide for this I imagine it would be the same process as cooking the pizza. loading up the spatula and placing in the oven.
This could be a great dessert, after your pizza’s (especially with ice cream).

To Clean
Turn the Trebs 330902 pizza oven off at the wall and leave to cool down for around 30 minutes. Special care must be taken with the terracotta lid. making sure it has completely cooled before removing, not only will this be extremely hot but by placing this in contact with any cold or cool surface may cause the lid to thermal shock and crack.rendering it useless.

When completely cool, wipe down with a damp cloth. no harsh abrasive material or liquids are to be used.
The other parts of the oven must be washed in warm water with a mild detergent, apart from the oven itself. That’s electric!

To to clean the oven use a damp cloth with mild detergent and simply wipe the food waste. again no harsh materials or chemicals are to be used. Then wipe completely dry and store away until the next time you want pizza (maybe at breakfast time).

Trebs pizza oven specifications

ColourBrown / Black
Weight5 KG
Dimensions38 x 38 x 21.7 cm
Voltage220V-240V, 50Hz,
Power800 Watts
Trebs 330902 pizza oven, showing the raised element.
Trebs 330902 pizza oven, showing the raised element.

Box Contains
1x pizza oven
1x baking sheet
1x terracotta lid
1x handle with nut
4x spatulas
1x dough form

Installing the Trebs pizza oven
Take the oven from all the packaging (witch is also recyclable)
Firstly place the handle with the nut on to the lid, no tools needed for this, hand turn only, and do not over tighten as this will crack the terracota lid. Give the utensils a clean prior to the first use, also giv the oven itself a wipe down to free it from any factory dust.
During the first use, there maybe be some light smoke and a specific odour, this will disappear after a short while.

There are no controls for the Trebs 330902. You simply place the terracotta dome over the oven and raised element and switch on at the wall. then when you are done you turn it off at the wall.There are no temperature or timings here so you have to keep an eye on the cooking food to judge when its done. usually around 5-7 minutes.

Is there a guarantee?
Yes, Trebs have offered a 2 year guarantee. But, You have to be registered for warranty with your supplier.

What are the exclusions?
Any damages caused by misuse of the item, for example not following the instructional manual.
No unauthorized repairs by the buyer or any other persons.
Accessories that are subject to wear and tear
Transport damage on the way from seller to repairer

What does it cover?
Th Guarantee covers mechanical and electrical defects, but you need to prove date of purchase via sales receipt.

./Great for pizza party’s or family nights
./very quick takes 5-7 minutes after the initial pre-heat
./great looking authentic style oven

./This oven gets extremely hot to touch,and around the immediate area, but if you want quick well cooked pizza’s you need the heat.
./not to be left unattended especially around young children
./The inside element is exposed, only covered by the terracotta dome.

The trebs 330902 pizza oven puts fun back in to pizza making, ideal for getting the family around the table or a snack for poker nights.Just let people create and bake! It’s well made terracotta dome and electrical element provide a great combination for creating your favourite food.

I think there has been some misunderstanding of the trebs pizza oven on Amazon judging by the reviews. It’s a fun oven that can cook a pizza well if used correctly. some people try to bake without the dome. This wont work, as mentioned earlier, the dome acts as a insulate for the heat while absorbing any moisture. If you cook with out it you are, in a way, defeating the object.

But, as great and funky of a design as it is, it comes down to personal preference, I would want something that would have a fully closable lid. The fact that you have an exposed element underneath a lid seems somewhat dangerous to trust myself with. especially if you have children and pets. You can’t always keep an eye on eveyrthing all of the time, all it takes is a split second for a child, or adult to press theyre hand on this and some serious damage could be done.
The element is under a Terracota lid, while terracota maybe strong, it can crack and go in to thermal shock if cooler liquid lands on this.then rendering the lid usless.

I see this, just as a bit of fun, like mentioned for party’s etc.
If you feel that you would need an oven for cooking larger pizzas, and something with a closable lid then you may like the JM Posner pizza oven
You get the same speed and great taste and for a little bit cheaper to.

Trebs 330902 pizza oven, how to insert the pizza.
Trebs 330902 pizza oven, how to insert the pizza.

eKitch Pizza Cooker

Welcome to the review of the eKitch pizza cooker

The ekitch pizza cooker by creative-7
The ekitch pizza cooker by creative-7

Love pizza? silly question, of course you do.
We all love pizza.It’s a favourite take away and can be made at home or like me if your lazy you get it delivered.
The eKitch Pizza Cooker
from creative-7 can cook home pizzas, frozen or fresh.

The ekitch pizza cooker has a stylish and sleek silver finish with the top and bottom half acting like a clam design.
Inside the pizza oven offers to elements top and bottom. separated only by a ceramic stone that rotates. the ceramic stone absorbs the heat and gives off an even distribution of heat, also the rotation of the ceramic Stone gives even cooking for your food.slowly turning the whole time the oven is on.

There is a large window on the lid of this oven, that makes for a perfect view of your cooking food.meaning the above element is only on the back side of the lid, maybe a reason for the rotating stone, so as not to over cook the one side.

The  2 pizza scoops that come with the ekitch pizza cooker.
The 2 pizza scoops that come with the ekitch pizza cooker.

Specs of the ekitch pizza cooker
Brand Creative-7
Colour Silver
Item Weight 4.3 Kg
Product Dimensions 39 x 38.8 x 23.4 cm
power 1200 watts

In The Box
1 x pizza maker
1 x manual
2 x pizza scoops

The ekitch pizza cooker has 2 elements above and below ( below the pizza stone). these are operated via the analogue dials for the temperature control and timer.The oven also has a thermostat to regulate the temperature and to prevent over cooking (although you do need to monitor your food.

How to use
the oven can cook any type of pizza, you need to bear in mind that the deeper the dough, the more toppings and depending on whether the dough is fresh to frozen these will all take longer to cook in the oven.
you prepare your pizza ( again if you are like me this simply means taking it out of he packaging).place it on to the 2 pizza scoops provided then place it over the stone.Then you set your time and temperature on the lid. Remember you do not preheat this oven and you cook from a cold stone.

How to clean
Take out any removable parts and clean with wash liquid and a damp cloth. with the inner and outer use a damp cloth with wash liquid.The stone can be removed fro easy cleaning. Never scrape food waste of the stone or use abrasive material or strong detergents.This will scratch the stone and take away its effectiveness of retaining heat.

the large window on the top lid allows you to see how your food is being cooked.
The inside cooking elements switch off when the lid is opened,an excellent feature as these can get pretty hot.

takes too long to cook a pizza, up to 30-40 minutes
some reviewers write that it fails to cook a pizza at all.

The eKitch Pizza Cooker
looks great in the kitchen and has some excellent features,but it doesn’t actually perform well when measured against its competitors.The Oven itself has come under heavy criticism for taking to long to cook pizzas and in some cases not cooking them at all , even after prolonged periods.
With reviewers stating that it may take up to half hour to cook a pizza, while others have stated that cooking has gone on to 50 minutes and still hasn’t given the best results.Its a shame because I feel that the overall design and features of the oven could content well in the home pizza oven market.
At 1200 watts you simply wont get the cooking power and overall output as other models in this field.The G3 Ferrari pizza oven for example. At 3000 watts it takes ten minutes to cook a pizza, with maybe a couple minutes warm up.It’s 3 times as much as this model but if you like the idea of a pizza oven and don’t want to pay the higher end price you could take a look at the JM Posner pizza oven model. At a fraction of the cost its a great starting oven for your home pizzas.

Steba KB 28 rotisserie oven

Steba KB 28 Mini Oven review.

A front view of the Steba KB 28
A front view of the Steba KB 28

Today we check out the Steba KB 28 mini oven with rotisserie.If you are from the UK you may have never heard of Stab. Maybe the popular names like Panasonic, Andrew James, Russell Hobbs all stand out to you more. well Steba have been around for a while, carving out a name for themselves in the German and other European markets. providing quality, well made cooking and home electronics.
The Steba KB 28 Grill and Bake Oven with rotisserie
is from the steba bake oven and grill range.A very stylish looking oven with Stainless steel housing that also has a Double glass door, meaning heat can be efficiently retained,while also being able to see your food being cooked with the help of the in house lighting.
The Non-stick coated cavity means food debris and splashes just roll right off in to the provided crumb tray meaning cleaning is very easy and quick.
At 1500 Watts and 28 litters capacity there is plenty of room for a 33cm baking tray, cooking large pizzas at ease.also meaning there is plenty of room to rotisserie cook a large chicken. The four feet provided give sturdy support and allow for air to fully circulate under the oven.

to clean The Steba KB 28.
Owing to the crumb tray and the non-stick coated cavity the inside of the oven is very easy to clean.Firstly make sure the oven is unplugged and completely cool. Take out the crumb tray and any removable items such as rotisserie or wire grill. wash these in wash liquid. Use a damp cloth with washing liquid to clean the in and outside of the oven.Never use harsh chemicals or abrasive material.

to use
The steba kb 28 offers very simple to use features. simply turn the dial for the selected cooking method, choose your temperature then choose your time. Also if you are rotisserie chicken then you would need to apply the rotisserie forks to the meat and insert in to the catches in the oven.
This oven also offers a keep warm option, simply turn the oven on, place temperature to 100c and insert food. Or alternately can be used to defrost food quickly via the convection air option.couldn’t be easier.(unless you have a butler, unfortunately i don’t)

functions of the steba KB 28
The Steba KB 28 operates via 3 analogue dials to the front of the oven.
these operatethe following
1.Temperature, this offers 90c to 230c
2.the Programme, offering the following
Convection cooking
convection with grill
grill only
oven only
3. time control, Allowing up to 90 minutes cooking time.

Brand Steba
Model Number 04.31.00
Colour stainless steel
Item Weight 8 Kg
Product Dimensions 51 x 41 x 31 cm
Capacity 28 litres
Power / Wattage 1500 watts
Voltage 230 volts

in the box
1 x Grill and bake oven Steba KB 28

timer goes to 90 minutes, handy for cooking larger chickens, meaning the oven doesn’t need to be baby sat.
steba now offer a shishla kebab cooking extra from the site.

lead too short, a big oven that need air to circulate around it.make sure you have sufficient sockets in close distance to where you have your oven in mind.
the instructional manual that comes from it is very comprehensive.apart from the UK version then its literally 3 pages.

The Steba KB 28 Grill and Bake Oven with rotisserie
has made a great entry in to the home oven market in the UK. Offering a oven that can deliver a strong cooking requirements, from rotisserie, grill and convection cooking.
I do feel that this oven is on the high end of the price scale for what is offered. If this ticks the boxes for you but is slightly on the expensive side then maybe the Tri-star Rotisserie would be a better suit.

The Steba KB 28 Rotisserie cooking
The Steba KB 28 Rotisserie cooking